Update to Daycare Days for Providers

This is just a quick note about the update to Daycare Days for Providers: What You Should Know Before Opening Your Home.

At the time I wrote that and the one for parents, I was also operating my daycare, ghostwriting for individuals and companies, and writing Bible blogs. I absolutely love having discussions about God’s Word. I was very active online in multiple places for studies, would have long talks with friends and family, and would happily spend hours listening to teachings on topics so that I could understand them better. Literally, almost everyone with whom I interacted on a regular basis was a pastor, Bible teacher, ordained minister, sharing lessons by video/posts/podcasts, moderating groups, or seeking more information somehow somewhere. Verses, passages, and sermons were simply part of everyday conversations.

Having very heavy doctrine discussions and encouraging people to think about answers to questions carried into the first version of Daycare Days for Providers. I only wanted one to have verses associated with it to encourage those who want to run a religious-based facility. However, when I looked at it again later, I realized that I made it verse heavy. Upfront, I did let people know that they could skip the Bible passages, but I may have confused some who didn’t mind them.

I encouraged people to “ponder the passages,” but I left it short by not clarifying the reasons I put them there. I had written them all out to avoid sending people to have to leave the page to search for the location. I think it lost a few people because they seemed randomly inserted without an explanation of why I thought they were important. While many could read it straight through and understand, others may have felt like I was randomly throwing things together. It’s hard to find that balance for everyone, but I did attempt to make it clearer.

So, I decided to remove the verses, which were very long in some places. Instead, I shared the location where they could be found and wrote the reason the passage stood out to me for that topic in the book. Most of the rest of the book is the same. It’s the kind of sit-down talk I think most of us didn’t get. There are many technical “how to get started” books and “getting through the daycare day” books, but I hadn’t seen any for lessons that were learned. Outside of communicating with other providers or working with a few closely, a lot of things we wished we’d have known earlier falls through the cracks. The ones I saw most were the ones I shared, and I hope that someone can benefit from it.

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