Indie Author Day 2017

I attended my first Indie Author Day this past Saturday. Well, technically, I attended. I had already promised to attend another event first, so I planned to catch the second half of the day at the library. I had never heard of “Indie Author Day,” so I was a little excited to meet authors who had some level of success. By the time I arrived, three authors were seated at their tables. I had missed the planned talks, but I got a chance to talk to them and learn a little about their writings.

I really didn’t learn much from the first, but I figured I’d share her information with some friends in case they’re interested in her work. There was a bit of awkward conversation, and I wasn’t sure if it was because I wasn’t buying a book or what. I just wanted to talk to other authors in the area because writing can be very isolating.

The second author, Judith Howell, was an author of horror & suspense thriller, which isn’t something I read. However, I admired her setup. She had models of the animals in her books and had names for them, which kind of brought you more into that world. She did ask if I was a writer also, and I showed her the books I had with me (I took to both events because of the activities to motivate myself). She had traveled from out of area, so I appreciated her driving the distance to participate. I think she said it was a 3-hour drive. I noticed the location of one of the books (set in Louisiana), and we talked about the importance of having some connection with the area before using the local phrases because readers can relate or tell that you aren’t genuine and lose them. She also shared some thoughts on writing exercises and critique groups. I’m not into horror writings, but I figured I could share her card with a couple of guys who tend to write thriller/suspense stories.

The last author, Toi Thomas, explained the difference between supernatural/paranormal books and Christian fiction. My question was if books including miracles of God would fall under supernatural. She then explained a couple of her books were supernatural and written with a Christian worldview. Christian fiction typically has a “call-to-action,” such as a moment of salvation. She also had a romance book of some kind and children’s books. I enjoyed talking to her, but I also felt…kind of relieved. I don’t always write in the same category, so it was nice to see someone else who writes in multiple categories also. Plus, she helped to promote another author at her table when that author had to leave. It’s nice to see others recognize the importance of teamwork vs. competition for events like these.

All-in-all, it was a trip worth making. Next year, I plan to attend the lectures. Maybe I can even participate next year. We’ll see how it goes.

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