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The Reasons for the “Living with Jezebel” cover

I like to be involved with the production of my book, especially this one because of how many layers there are. I want to let you know why I chose the cover I did. So, yes, there is symbolism. Physical beauty – Jezebel is known for being attractive. In order to seduce people, narcissists need

Update to Daycare Days for Providers

This is just a quick note about the update to Daycare Days for Providers: What You Should Know Before Opening Your Home. At the time I wrote that and the one for parents, I was also operating my daycare, ghostwriting for individuals and companies, and writing Bible blogs. I absolutely love having discussions about God’s

Video Review by Rise and Shine for Jesus

These last few weeks have been very full for me. The biggest surprise was writing a book! I’ll explain more another time. I asked a fellow blogger whose focus is ministering to Christian women to give me her thoughts about the book. I was surprised to see that she thought enough of it to buy