Books written (in order of release)

May 2013

The idea of transitioning from babysitting to caring for children professionally as a home daycare provider can be intimidating. Before you open your home for family child care or as an in-home day care school, you will want to get some insight and encouragement to save you from potential headaches or costly mistakes.

Daycare Days for Providers is designed to answer questions caregivers have often after they have gotten themselves stuck in a problem. Miko offers mentoring advice from knowledge she has gained through experience or from watching her colleagues. Get tips on how to work with families, anticipate obstacles, and set your goals so that you can provide a well-rounded quality family child care program.

May 2013

Choosing the right childcare program can be a challenge. You want to make sure your son or daughter is receiving quality care and is in a safe environment that best matches your expectations and parenting style. How do you know if your provider is operating legally?

Daycare Days for Parents was written to answer questions that parents are shy about asking or aren’t sure they should ask. Find out the pros and cons of licensed and unlicensed family daycare. Get a better understanding of your provider’s position so that you can have a more effective interaction. Learn tips to help deter potential child abuse. Whether you are searching for your child’s first daycare or would just like to understand more about what is expected of you from your child care giver, this book has a tips that can benefit you.

August 2016 for school consideration (published July 2018)

The “Introduction to Childcare” workbook offers flexibility for the student and teacher. The material gives information about childcare professions, fundamentals, and encourages self-study and reflection to help the student determine which career path he or she would like to pursue. The workbook is also organized in a way to provide flexibility for teachers to present lessons in a style that best suits their creativity while still providing a general guideline that everyone will follow. Originally, designed to meet a local school’s learning objectives, “Introduction to Childcare” is beneficial to high school students as well as those already in the field. The short readings and lessons reduce anxiety because of length of pages and encourage the students to personalize the study to help discover how they can improve their skills and environment while finding ways to tap into their abilities to help create the best childcare setting they can for their clients. “Introduction to Childcare” includes topics on: – Careers in Childcare – Abuse and Neglect – Confidentiality – Personal Skills – Communicating with Families and Co-workers – Professional Organizations – Safety – Nutrition and Meal Planning – Inclusion and Diversity – and more…

July 2017

You’re not a mediocre person, so don’t live as if you are. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels or feeling like you’re just “here,” it’s time for a major change! Miko Marsh’s “Stop Surviving and LIVE!” is helping people to transform their lives. Journey with the author as she walks you through the process she used to transition from poverty to provision mentally, emotionally, and financially. Use her process to consider how you can empower and revitalize yourself. Discover a simple but life-changing method known to many minimalists and organizers as well as why it is important to be thorough in the chapter on scaling down. Learn the lessons she learned about why accepting help can be just as important as offering help.

Your circumstances, however difficult, should not paralyze you or prevent you from finding the satisfaction you desire and can have. Hardships do not have to cripple you and force you to maintain a substandard existence. Sometimes the answers to our biggest problems come from asking the right questions. Miko Marsh tells you what questions she asked, what steps she took, and how she used the answers to renew her thoughts and to reconstruct her life. Let her process motivate and help push you toward your goal. Order your copy of “Stop Surviving and Live” today to start your journey to improve your life.

October 2017

Many are familiar with the biblical character known as Jezebel. Her name has become something of a tag used to describe a woman deemed to be of a shameless or immoral background.

In reality, the woman was a malignant narcissist. Her actions have become a blueprint for narcissism and include terms we recognize today, such as – smear campaigns, character assassination, gaslighting, and so on.

In Living with Jezebel, you can now follow the life of this scandalous yet fascinating character from the time she’s introduced to us as King Ahab’s wife until the time she is killed about 30 years later – thrown from a window by her own retinue.

With a direct connection to modern day life, you can see how the life of Jezebel can impact on our own lives when we allow people to enter and cause chaos. These are people who love no one and believe everyone is disposable. This is the person who uses everyone, expects 100% compliance, and would have no problem killing you if she thought she could get away with it.

Suitable for readers who have little understanding of the Bible or for Bible students, Living with Jezebel also serves as an in-depth character study that shows ways she uses to operate within the church and why she can’t be permitted to teach.

September 2018

Charles and his classmates meet a fire marshal and learn some tips about fire safety.

This book can be used to:

  • reinforce lessons from fire safety themes and presentations
  • encourage children to help with fire prevention
  • introduce children to another community service career opportunity


September 2019


Niecy loves her Grandma B. Join Niecy for delightful stories of her days with her grandmother. They play, travel, learn lessons, and spend quality time together.

Stories include:
Niecy’s Sleepover
My First Trip to the Dentist
Niecy Gets Lost
Grandma’s Birthday Cake

•Note – Illustrations are not included.

This collection of stories is meant to spark imagination much like what is experienced by hearing stories over the radio. It allows the reader and listener to create their own pictures in their heads. Ideal for the person who needs to practice reading without context clues.

Coming March 2020