Video Review by Rise and Shine for Jesus

These last few weeks have been very full for me. The biggest surprise was writing a book! I’ll explain more another time. I asked a fellow blogger whose focus is ministering to Christian women to give me her thoughts about the book. I was surprised to see that she thought enough of it to buy

Indie Author Day 2017

I attended my first Indie Author Day this past Saturday. Well, technically, I attended. I had already promised to attend another event first, so I planned to catch the second half of the day at the library. I had never heard of “Indie Author Day,” so I was a little excited to meet authors who

Prayer Talk

I find that many people who are requesting prayer are doing so because, on some level, they feel like they won’t get their prayers answered. I see a lot of “pray for me” posts that are not specific (ex. surgery goes well, will find a job to support family, etc.), and many of those are