“Niecy’s Sleepover” (children’s story)

“Niecy’s Sleepover” is the first story in the Grandma B. & Me (Books 1 – 4) collection. I wanted to share this one online with you. It’s a quick story that is ideal for preschoolers to hear or for intermediate readers to read to family members (ex. little sister or grandma). In addition to reading

Stepping Back after a Toxic Relationship

I shared a post a while back saying that sometimes it is necessary to take a break from people. At the time, my thoughts were to make sure you don’t deplete your energy trying to be there for everyone but yourself. Oftentimes, those of us who care deeply feel guilty when we cannot do for

Birthday Week Sale

It’s my birthday week, so the Living with Jezebel ebook will be on sale on Amazon. It will return to full price on Sunday. Three formats are available. 1. Ebook – The link is here. If you do not have a kindle, you can read it through Amazon after purchase 2. Print – If you

The Reasons for the “Living with Jezebel” cover

I like to be involved with the production of my book, especially this one because of how many layers there are. I want to let you know why I chose the cover I did. So, yes, there is symbolism. Physical beauty – Jezebel is known for being attractive. In order to seduce people, narcissists need

MCBD 2019 – Charles Meets a Fire Marshal

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is January 25th this year, and I’m participating! Follow the hashtag #ReadYourWorld for updates, to learn about books you may want to add to your library, and for a chance to win a book during the twitter party Friday (01/25/2019) evening! Okay, you may be aware that I published my first

Level Up – Part 2

I’m guessing that the majority of you laughed at the QPark video because he was dancing alone, only he could hear music in his headphones, and people were pointing and laughing at him. I want you to look at this video again. Think about what you’re seeing. Watch the reactions of others vs. his reactions.

Level Up – Part One

I saw a video on Facebook several weeks ago, and it stuck with me for two reasons. First, “level up” was my November mindset. Second, the public performance stands out. I want to talk about both, but this post will focus on the idea. “Level Up” – I think most people understand what it means,

Living with Jezebel One Year Published

Today is the one-year anniversary of the release date of Living with Jezebel! This has been the most requested book I’ve published so far. I still use it for Bible studies and discussions on narcissism. I find that I learn more each time I talk with others as we study this character and talk about

Update to Daycare Days for Providers

This is just a quick note about the update to Daycare Days for Providers: What You Should Know Before Opening Your Home. At the time I wrote that and the one for parents, I was also operating my daycare, ghostwriting for individuals and companies, and writing Bible blogs. I absolutely love having discussions about God’s

Are You Critiquing the Writing or Crushing the Writer?

I went to a writer’s group meeting the other day. It was my first meeting since Indie Author Day, so I paid attention to the critiques given. One of the gentlemen read something written by a young man he has chosen to help get published since the man could not attend that evening. He read