Welcome to Miko Moments!

I have decided to set a space for things that I share. Here, you will find things that are meant to be inspirational, motivational, or encouraging. I tend to speak with a heart to see things through a Biblical worldview, so there will be Christ-centered posts. I also tend to spend time talking with people to help them put their strengths to good use, so some will be focused on personal growth.

We all have something we can use to better ourselves and uplift those around us. Sometimes, it’s harder for us to recognize it because ours aren’t as clear as others. I hope through sharing lessons I’ve learned and am still learning that I can be of some benefit to those who visit. We’re only here for a short time, right? We need to make the most of it and build relationships as we go.

So, again, welcome to my little piece of the world! Relax. Check out some posts. Subscribe to my blog and/or youtube channel for updates.